Frequently Asked Questions about Our Boat Rentals

Do I need a Reservation?

No, but a reservation is strongly suggested. A $ 200 deposit is required to hold your boat rental reservation. 

Is there a cancellation fee?

Yes $ 25.00 fee is charged for canceling up to forty-eight (48) hours before your departure. If you cancel within 48 hours of your departure, you will be charged the full amount of the boat rental plus tax. If you do not show up for the boat rental, you will be charged the full amount of the rental plus tax. 

Can I reschedule or change a boat rental reservation at no charge?

Yes, one (1) time up to twenty-four (24) hours before your departure. A reschedule must be between the months of May and August

Can I reserve a boat by phone? 

Yes, call 662-423-2222 to reserve your boat rental

What happens if it is raining on the day of my departure or starts to rain after I depart? 

If it is raining prior to departure, we will refund your deposit. If you depart and return before 11 am, we will refund you 1/2 day rental. After 11 am, no refunds. 

How much gas will I use? 

That question we cannot answer. There are too many variables, speed, wind, current, towing, etc. We can tell you the majority of our pontoon renters do not use over 12 to 18 gallons, unless tubing. 

What if I have trouble after leaving the dock? 

You are furnished an emergency number to call for assistance. 

Are pets allowed? Yes 

Do the boats have radios or CD Players? 

Yes, Bluetooth ready

Am I required to bring anything?

No, all of our pontoon boat rentals have all the equipment required by law to be legal. You may want to bring a cooler with drinks, snacks, towels, radio, sunscreen, fishing gear or floats.  Pickwick Lake will provide the rest!

Do I have to wear a Life Jacket? 

Anyone 12 years of age or under has to wear a life jacket at all times. Anyone 13 years or older does not have to wear a life vest, but it is recommended

Does the boat capacity number include infants and small children?

Yes, the capacity number means occupants, regardless of age. 

Do I have to have an operators license? 

If you were born 1980 or after, you are required to have a boating license to operate a boat. You can get a boating license by going online to: